Open call Volunteers

Help us make Queer Amsterdam 2024 a great success! Apply now!

This year the second edition of Queer Amsterdam will take place and this time we will celebrate it for a whole month! For this year's edition, we are looking for (experienced) volunteers who will help out Queer Amsterdam at various locations in the city. You are, among other things, a point of contact on behalf of Queer Amsterdam for people who want to know information about our events and our organization. 

Before Queer Amsterdam starts, all volunteers who join receive in-depth training. And after Queer Amsterdam, we'll also be host a debriefing session to see what went well and what could be improved next time.

Click on the button, tell us your availability, and we will be in contact soon!

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We would like to thank you in advance for your participation because without volunteers we would not be able to organize the events for Queer Amsterdam! 🌈

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Who is Queer Amsterdam

Queer Amsterdam emerged as an opposition to the status quo to help answer the urgent call for change. As our society transforms, so do the challenges faced by LGBTQIAP+ individuals, widening the gap between our reality and our utopia. Yet, during these challenges, community matters more than ever. As we stand united, we fuel the belief that every voice raised and every step taken contributes to a brighter tomorrow.

Join us on a journey of collective resistance and empowerment, forging a path toward a future where we can celebrate all of you, fully. By Resisting, Recharging and Reinventing, we aim to support our community by sustaining the fight for a future in which organizations like Queer Amsterdam are not needed anymore.

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Open Call Photographers

We are looking for photographers who want to capture Queer Amsterdam 2024! Are you in? Apply before the 1st of June!

Open call for Sex Workers

Are you a BIPOC Queer and/or Trans Sex worker? Do you perform or sell products? Sign up!