Urban Sports Amsterdam North

Urban Sports Park 'De Oase'

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New Wave outdoor skate session

Skatepark De Flipperkast

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Trans Swimming

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Queer Boxing


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Queer Amsterdam

Queer Amsterdam is dedicated to improving equality for-, fighting against the inequality in opportunities of- and strengthening the social and economic position of all people who identify as LGBTQIAP+. Queer Amsterdam believes it is important to liberate from the gender-focused narrative, find connection with each other and create awareness from an intersectional perspective. Thus, anti-discrimination in all areas is one of our core values.

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Statement regarding post

Dear community,

Have you spotted our campagne?

You should see these awesome people around the city and online for the whole month!

Response to the Pride Policy of the city Amsterdam

We are cautiously optimistic about the policy proposal. It seems to officially break the monopoly on Pride in Amsterdam. One of the reasons Queer…

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