Our vision

Queer Amsterdam is dedicated to improving equality for-, fighting against the inequality in opportunities of- and strengthening the social and economic position of all people who identify as LGBTQIAP+. Queer Amsterdam believes it is important to liberate from the gender-focused narrative, find connection with each other and create awareness from an intersectional perspective. Thus, anti-discrimination in all areas is one of our core values.


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Our slogan: By Queers, for Queers.

In the past, our identities, lives and bodies could only be validated through a heteronormative and colonial perspective. We don't subscribe to any of those notions. We actively combat this by centering our community members. This means fostering the knowledge, expertise and experiences of our community and let this lead us in action. We especially make space for the most marginalized within our community, such as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) LGBTQIAP & Trans individuals, LGBTQIAP+ refugees, LGBTQIAP+ people with disabilities or impairments, LGBTQIAP+ sex workers and intersex persons. We feel responsible to show us, our community, our differences and our similarities. Queer Amsterdam makes space for Queers to tell their own stories.

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Queer Amsterdam & Future

One of the long term goals of QA (Queer Amsterdam) is to take an international lead in building a network of solidarity. By working from a non-Western and intersectional vision and linking multiple emancipatory movements together, we hope to strengthen the societal position of the LGBTQIAP+ community.

We can only make this happen if we decolonize our narrative by recognizing and honoring the many groups of Queer, Trans and Non-Binary people that existed before the colonization of the global south.