Our vision

Our vision is created from an intersectional perspective where we, as a LHBTQIAP+ community, see and understand how different oppressive systems connect us in our fight for a truly equitable society. Here and across the globe, we see the far-right ideology, homonationalism, conservatism and nationalism growing. This is more often than not accompanied by violence toward the LHBTQIAP+ community, refugees, sex workers, the undocumented, people with disabilities, Muslims, Jews and Black people, Indigenous people and People of Color (BIPOC).

These forms of oppression have an effect on the quality of life of our people, making it unsafe on the streets, at work and or at school. Sometimes even forcing them to hide their sexual orientation and gender identity. We can’t truly stand for emancipation without addressing the oppressive systems and ideologies that influence our lives. That’s why, in our fight for a truly equitable society, we take a stand for and with marginalized groups. This means that we take a stand with and for those affected by ideologies and expressions of; homophobia, transphobia, racism (amongst which anti-black racism and xenophobia), sexism, ableism, apartheid, exploitative and settler colonialism (amongst which European colonialism and Zionist colonialism), islamophobia, antisemitism, fatphobia and hatred against or negative treatment of sex workers.  

Our hearts and voices also go out to those of us who are restricted in their freedom and basic human rights. We stand in solidarity with the global LGBTQIAP+ community in war-torn areas and those undergoing genocidal attacks. We stand with LGBTQIAP+ community amongst others in Afghanistan, Armenia, Colombia, Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Jemen, Lebanon, the West Bank, Mexico, the Mediterranean, Myanmar, Pakistan, Palestine, Sudan, Uganda, Ukraine, Zimbabwe.

Join us in our mission of true LGBTQIAP+ emancipation.

Resisting, Recharging, Reinventing

Queer Amsterdam emerged as an opposition to the status quo to help answer the urgent call for change. As our society transforms, so do the challenges faced by LGBTQIAP+ individuals, widening the gap between our reality and our utopia. Yet, during these challenges, community matters more than ever. As we stand united, we fuel the belief that every voice raised and every step taken contributes to a brighter tomorrow. Join us on a journey of collective resistance and empowerment, forging a path toward a future where we can celebrate all of you, fully. By Resisting, Recharging and Reinventing, we aim to support our community by sustaining the fight for a future in which organizations like Queer Amsterdam are not needed anymore.


Queer Amsterdam was born out of necessity. As a society, it seems like the minimal progress many people have worked hard for is becoming increasingly miniscule. A lot of us have been fighting for a long time, and even though it might seem like it doesn’t move the needle, it does! The impact of those who fight for bettering our collective future is felt for generations. Every battle won, and every voice raised, is crucial. Despite the odds, our fight for progress reverberates through time, ensuring a brighter future for all LGBTQIAP+ people. We resist together, collectively.


Navigating societal challenges can be utterly draining, like an endless marathon where you're expected to keep pushing forward without pause. Whether it's advocating for your community on a grand scale or simply advocating for yourself in everyday battles. Navigating societal pressures can be draining. We want to facilitate space for you to be you, with no expectations or rules. Space for you to shed your armor, and just be. Recharge yourself, and let Queer Amsterdam be your pit stop. Take your time.


Ultimately, our fight is for change. This also means that through this we are in charge of the narratives surrounding us. We decide how our future looks collectively. Last year, we offered a glimpse of the vibrant, inclusive Pride experience that is also possible in Amsterdam. We did that together. But that was merely the start of something greater. We envision a Pride that centers you. Join us in co-creating a future where you celebrate your identity on your terms, both within Queer Amsterdam events and beyond.

Resisting, recharging and reinventing are the pillars of our programming. As we reflect on our journey, let's carry the spirit of resilience forward. Together, we pave the way for a future where our wants, hopes and dreams are a reality. Join us in shaping that future.

Safe(r) Spaces in Pride and beyond!

Queer Amsterdam applies safety rules throughout all the events during Queer Amsterdam. Everyone participating in our program has to abide by these rules and codes of conduct. It is a minimum requirement for all of our partners to create safer spaces, ensuring the safety of everyone.

What is a safer space?

A safer space is a supportive and non-threatening environment where all participants feel comfortable expressing themselves and sharing experiences without fear of any form of discrimination, hatred, sexual harassment or retaliation. 
We use the word safer to recognize that safety is relative: not everyone feels safe under the same circumstances. By acknowledging the experiences of everyone in the room, we hope to create the safest possible environment.

Why do we need guidelines?

In an ideal world, all spaces would be safe and accessible to everyone, and all people would be mindful of each other's sense of safety. But despite our best intentions, we are sometimes unaware of certain things or have thoughtless moments, hurting or mistreating others. Clear guidelines promote awareness of these opportunities. With these guidelines, we want to encourage festival participants to take collective responsibility for the safety of everyone and each other. 


1.     We maintain a ZERO TOLERANCE policy against any form of discrimination.

 We do not tolerate any form of discrimination as defined in the Dutch constitution under Article 1; “All who are in the Netherlands are treated equally in equal circumstances. Discrimination because of religion, belief, political affiliation, race, gender, disability, sexual orientation or any other ground is not permitted.”  

2.     We maintain a ZERO TOLERANCE policy against any form of hate or hate speech
We do not tolerate any form of hate or hate speech. Our society is full of it, from Muslim hatred to Jew hatred, from hatred of trans persons to people with disabilities. In our spaces, we want to guard against any form of hatred, but rather create space for togetherness and solidarity.  

3.     We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy against treatment (harassment) and (sexual) harassment
If you exhibit verbal or physical harassment or stalking, you will be asked to leave the room completely. We do not tolerate any form of sexual assault or rape. If harassment, stalking, sexual assault or rape occurs, we will record and track the details of both the perpetrator and the survivor so that we can mediate proper care and accountability as desired by the survivor.

* If you violate the above rules, we will ask you to leave the event immediately *

4.     CONSENT is key to every interaction in the room and with every person
Questioning and curiosity is encouraged during Queer events, however, we ask everyone to abide by the consent (permission) rules. For example, when you want to know someone's name, ask “May I ask for your name?”, giving the other person space to decide if they want to share it or not. When someone says “No,” you respect the “No.” Only when someone gives a clear “Yes” to the question do they give permission. A “Maybe” or “I don't know” in response does NOT mean a “Yes.” 

We ask all participants during the Queer Amsterdam events to be aware of and acknowledge their position in society. We prioritize BIPOC and trans community during the event. If you do not belong to this target group, we ask that you be aware of the space you occupy in the various events throughout the week - physically, emotionally and verbally.

6.     RESPECT people's gender and pronouns.
Don't make assumptions about someone's gender, pronouns or name based on their appearance or presentation. If you are not sure about someone's pronouns, ask first. If someone repeatedly or hatefully uses the wrong pronoun, constantly misgenders someone or intentionally uses the wrong name for trans people at this event, that person will be asked to leave.

7.     RESPECT the physical and emotional boundaries of others.
Everyone knows and has their own physical and emotional limits, which means that your limit does not have to be someone else's limit. We ask you to respect everyone's personal, physical, mental and emotional boundaries. When you have crossed someone's boundary, listen to them and apologize for your behavior. After all, what matters is not what your intention was, but what the other person experienced!

8.    BE AWARE of cultural appropriation
More and more often we see white people and western world, appropriating the culture, history and music of the Global South. To stop this colonial trend, we ask you to be aware of cultural appropriation of cultures, traditions, and for example music of other parts of the world.

9.     BE AWARE of your social position in relation to what is being discussed
Again, be aware of how much space you occupy within a given event or space. If the content of the event does not directly relate to you or your community, give other people a chance to ask questions or respond first.

10.  Drugs and responsibility when using alcohol 
Check on your friends and other attendees if you notice they are too intoxicated. If you become too drunk to safely participate in the event, we will ask you to leave with a friend or buddy.

For more information about alcohol and other drugs, check the page of Jellinek

Lastly, safety is also a collective effort!
We keep each other safe. To make sure everyone can participate, we are working together on a collective responsibility to create and maintain a safe and courageous space during this week. So, help each other. Participate with a friend. Take breaks as needed. If something doesn't feel right, approach someone from the organization, a security guard, or an attending awareness team.

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Queer Amsterdam & the future

One of the long term goals of QA (Queer Amsterdam) is to take an international lead in building a network of solidarity. By working from a non-Western and intersectional vision and linking multiple emancipatory movements together, we hope to strengthen the societal position of the LGBTQIAP+ community.

We can only make this happen if we decolonize our narrative by recognizing and honoring the many groups of Queer, Trans and Non-Binary people that existed before the colonization of the global south.

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