Urban Sports Amsterdam North

@ Urban Sports Park 'De Oase'

This year on Tuesday, July 23, we are back at Buikslotermeerplein in Amsterdam North with Urban Sports.

This year we will show that inclusion is also a theme in urban sports. In front of Pathé Amsterdam Noord we will demonstrate various urban sports. The Queer urban community organizes skateboarding, roller skating, freerun, BMX, 3×3 basketball, calisthenics and bouldering. But you can also come dance and enjoy the DJ on the grass.

In the early afternoon, there will be workshops for different ages, from children to adults. Then there will be safe(r) space jams for skate, freerun and roller skate. We invite all 'allies' in the urban community here for these jams. This way we make a collective statement that the street belongs to everyone and embraces the urban sports lifestyle.

We use the existing skate track, pumptrack and the 3×3 Basketball court. We will also put up a boulder wall, freerun object and calisthenics object on the spot where a new freerun park will be built later this year.


At 15:00 we start with clinics for children
from 8-10 years, at 16:00
from 10-12, at 17:00
from 12+ jam.
The workshops are hosted by the queer community, but everyone is welcome to participate, as long as we can be understanding of each other. You'll find us throughout the grounds between the movie theater and the skate rink.

New this year is e-sports at the Pathé, a film program at the cinema and 3×3 Basketball.

Queer Skate during Urban Hangout

What; Skating and neighborhood workshops. Workshop for (Queer) kids from the neighborhood. Skates, skateboards and protection will be available for loan so interested people from the neighborhood can join in. Music from a large portable box. Offering something from a snack or drink.

Where: Pinball, Buikslotermeerplein, Amsterdam North

Who: Kids and queer skaters of all levels and with all types of wheels. Queers from the neighborhood interested in giving it a try. People looking for community.

Supplies we need:

- Skates to borrow
- boards to borrow
- protection on loan

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